Getting Started

Who is Contractor and Subcontractor?

Contractor is a person or company that seeks to do business with Subcontractors by creating Offers in PDR industry. Contractors are looking for Subcontractors to complete their projects.

Subcontractors offer a particular set of services which they provide for Contractors. Subcontractors network with contractors who negotiate for larger jobs that include PDR Industry.

Can I register two roles (Contractor and Subcontractor) using the same email?

No. You require two different emails for registering as Contractor and Subcontractor.

How can I edit my Profile?

Web app users

To edit existing content on your profile:

1. Click your Profile picture at the right top

2. Click Edit Profile

3. Click into the applicable field and add, edit, or remove text.

4. Click Update.

Fields you cannot edit in your profile:

* Email

* Phone Number

iOS/Android app users

To edit your profile:

1. Tap the More menu item on the right bottom

3. Tap Edit Profile

4. Tap into the applicable field and add, edit, or remove text.

5. Tap Update button

How can I add a user type after registration?

As a Subcontractor you have an option to add work types to your profile after registration. To add more types:

1. Go to your user profile: icon on the top right (web) or Settings page (mobile)

2. Find a menu item “Add/ Change work type”

3. Press a “pencil” icon

4. Select the types you would like to add

5. Press “Update”/ “Submit”

Now new user types are added. No re-login is required for this action.